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iPhoto Book problems

Apple PhotoBookI recently ordered some books from Apple through iPhoto, one hardcover and three softcover books. They contained my wedding photo’s, the hardcover for myself and Mrs Basshead, the softcovers for family members. The books arrived yesterday and there’s a problem or two.
The images in the softcover book appear to have had their saturation boosted, but still look acceptable. The Hardcover book is pretty horrible though. Saturation has been boosted to the point where skin tones are unnatural and most shadow detail has been lost. I use an EyeOne Display screen colour calibrator so I know the colours in iPhoto were accurate.
The other problem is the text on the inside rear flap. I listed the wedding guests, and their names are garbled with letters printed on top of each other and unwanted spaces. This all came as a big surprise to me as I have ordered Apple books before and been impressed with the results. The last book I ordered was for my father-in-law’s seventieth birthday. I scanned fifty years of family photo’s for that album, it looked great and he was very impressed.
I called Apple support this morning and after around 30 seconds my call was answered by a helpful lady who emailed me the support link for Apple’s Photo Services Team. I detailed the issues and was told onscreen that they strive to answer all support emails within 24 hours. You’re offered a replacement or refund if not satisfied with your book, so I’ve asked for a replacement if the problems can be fixed or a refund if they can’t. I’ll post again when they get back to me. I’ve always thought you can’t judge a company until you see how they deal with problems. Apple have been a bit hit and miss in my past contact with them, so here’s their chance to shine.

  1. Terry
    October 27, 2009 at 8:08 pm

    I’m using an older version of iPhoto, but have had printing problems recently. iPhoto is easy to use and the books can turn out great, but it seems to depend on which contracted printing company is doing the job — I’ve had good results when a company in Shakopee, MN does the job, but bad results from Medford, OR (slivers of white paper showing at the top of pages meant to have a full-bleed image; cover photos not centered properly). It’s a crap-shoot, because you can’t tell which printing company is going to get the job when you order online — beware!

    Also, the customer service people are very friendly and helpful, but the replacement books I received also had problems! Unbelievable, since you’d think they would try extra hard to make the re-prints look great, but I guess they did away with their “quality control” department.

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