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Mac Heist bundle on sale

Mac heistI’ve been waiting for this one since December, but now it’s here I’m a bit disappointed. It sounds good value at 10 apps for $343.75, but the total value listed includes the three apps that aren’t unlocked yet. CSS edit is currently 3/4 of the way to the 5,000 sale unlock but we don’t know how many sales are required to get the final two apps. I found Mac Update’s approach of listing the sales required to unlock was a far better method. At least you could judge if the targets would be reached after a few days.

My disappointment is with the apps in the bundle. 1password has been on my want list for a while, so great. Coversutra? Looks great, don’t need another iTunes controller. Cha-Ching (personal finance), iStopMotion (stop motion filming) and Awaken (turn your mac into an alarm clock) wouldn’t get used. AppZapper is nice for uninstalling apps, but I use the free AppCleaner. Taskpaper? Nope, don’t need another to-do list editor. CSSedit (CSS editor, surprise!) and Snapz Pro X (screen grabber) would also not get much use if they are unlocked. That leaves Pixelmator, the only mainstream creative app in the bundle. I wouldn’t mind Pixelmator if it gets unlocked, but $49 for two apps seems lika a waste of a bundle.

The biggest problem is that the recent Mac Update bundle raised the bar. Yep, Swift Publisher, Memory Miner, Forklift and Rapid Weaver are great packages I have found very useful, and once the other software was added on it was a much stronger package. I’ll be watching the Mac Heist bundle for developments, but it certainly isn’t a must buy at the moment.

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